We are grateful to our corporate sponsors who proudly support the Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter Trust

These generous organisations contribute to ensuring that our southern region’s professional life-saving service ready to fly 24/7.

Platinum Sponsor

Landpower Group Limited

Herby Whyte, Landpower’s founder explains the background to Landpower’s decision to sponsor the Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter Trust - “our son-in-law who lives in Arrowtown had a major heart attack in December 2019 at 5 am. He was in an ambulance to the Frankton hospital within 30 minutes, where the Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter Service was on standby to fly him to Dunedin Hospital. Incredibly, by 7.30am - just two and a half hours after having the heart attack - he had been operated on and was in the recovery ward. This wonderful rescue service saved Ross’s life for which our family is eternally grateful. I marvel at the capacity to save so many lives and we are delighted to be able to assist in the sponsorship of the Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter Trust and the Lakes District Air Rescue Trust over many years to come. It fits perfectly for Landpower – the Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter service is critical to our people and to our customers across the lower South Island and the opportunity to give back to the community we started out in is truly an honour”.

Network Waitaki

Silver Sponsor

"Network Waitaki is proud to be able to support the Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter and recognise the critical importance of this vital service to the community. Network Waitaki is 100% locally owned by the Waitaki Power Trust and this is one of the many ways we can give back to our community that benefits everyone.

Our staff and members of their families have been cared for by the rescue helicopter team after suffering medical events and we are grateful that they received fast access to the critical life-saving expertise and equipment carried on the helicopters”.

Geoff Douch, Chief Executive, Network Waitaki

Ravensdown Ltd

Bronze Sponsor

“Ravensdown is a proud supporter of rural communities and we know what a massive difference the Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter Trust can make. We are happy to contribute on behalf of the wider community and for our farmer shareholders and families who one day may need to access this potentially life-saving service.”

Glen Fraser, Lower South Island Regional Manager, Ravensdown


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