You can help

You can help us to bring critical care to you or your loved ones across the Southern region – 24/7, 365 days a year.

Your donation saves lives

Your donation saves lives

Our southern region with its stunning geography offers a lifestyle uniquely special and at times, uniquely challenging. Residents of our southern region depend on our professional rescue helicopter service fully equipped and ready to fly 24/7 to any emergency, no matter where you are. The Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter service brings critical care to the sick and injured and saves lives.

We are reliant on the wonderful support from our community to fund the shortfall between the cost of the service and the funding provided by the Government through a contract with the National Ambulance Sector Office (NASO), to ensure life-saving care can be delivered across our region.

The Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter Trust is grateful for the ongoing support from individuals, community groups, and businesses, to ensure that whenever you need it most - the rescue helicopter will be on its way.

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We rely on support from our community to support the rescue helicopter service to fly life-saving missions in the south. Fundraising raises awareness and a lot of money for the service, contributing invaluable support from community groups and individuals.

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