Supporting the service that saved his life

Dunedin man David Lont has a very good reason to support the Westpac Chopper Appeal — the emergency rescue service saved his life.
Supporting the service that saved his life

Mr Lont was taken to Dunedin Hospital after he became unwell during a bike ride with friends around the Otago Peninsula.

Hospital staff confirmed he was having a stroke and would need to be flown to Christchurch Hospital for treatment from a specialist team.

"The helicopter absolutely saved my life," he said.

Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter Service intensive care paramedic Andrew Duncan said Mr Lont’s condition turned from serious to manageable because of the quick response from the rescue team.

"On arrival at Christchurch ... he developed other complications, including a brain bleed and swelling," Mr Duncan said.

"Because of the quick transport to the waiting surgical team, most of the catastrophic consequences of his serious stroke were avoided."

Westpac will be raising funds for Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter services outside the George St branch and in the Octagon today.

The event is part of the Chopper Appeal Month — a nationwide fundraiser with a goal of $1 million to ensure rescue helicopters stay in the air.

All money raised in Dunedin would go directly to the Otago Southland Rescue Helicopter Service Trust, a Westpac spokesman said.

Westpac reported a record 9847 rescues carried out across the country in the past year, of which 1909 were in the Otago and Southland regions.

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