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Formed in 1998 to establish and fund a dedicated intensive care rescue helicopter service for the greater Otago area, the Otago Rescue Helicopter Trust was launched by the combined contributions of 42 Otago businesses, community trusts, councils and individuals. The Trust then gifted a roof-top helipad to Dunedin Hospital with direct stretcher access to lifts and emergency services.

On each mission, the helicopter receives an hourly rate from the agency that initiates the call, e.g. ACC for accidents, hospitals for transfers and the NZ Police for search and rescue missions. Payments cover the mission costs, with a contribution to fixed costs, including leasing the helicopter, pilot and paramedic salaries, and safety training.

The Trust has the ongoing challenge of raising between $400,000 and $500,000 each year to meet the service's unfunded fixed costs and update the emergency and life support equipment carried onboard the helicopter.


  • Martin Dippie

    Martin Dippie

    Managing Director, Mitre 10 Mega, Dunedin

  • Warwick Deuchrass

    Warwick Deuchrass

    Retired Senior Partner,
    Anderson Lloyd Lawyers,

  • Paul Moodie

    Paul Moodie

    Partner, Findex, Accountants, Auckland

  • John Gallaher

    John Gallaher

    Forsyth Barr Ltd

  • Tony Sycamore

    Tony Sycamore

    Van Aart Sycamore Lawyers Ltd,


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