Everything happens fast. The call comes in,

we take off, get there as quick as we can, and

stabilize the patients immediately.

If you waste a second, people can die.

At the heart of the service is the fast and extremely flexible BK117 high-performance air ambulance, customized for multi-mission rescue operation.

The BK117 is extremely fast, agile and stable, giving the pilot confidence in all weather conditions, while its compact main rotor system permits operation in confined and tight landing areas.

The helicopter's rugged construction and large cabin space make the BK117 highly suited to its multi-mission rescue role, while the rear clamshell doors allow ease of access for patients and emergency crew.

Based at Taieri Airfield in Mosgiel, the rescue service crew are on stand-by 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – only a few minutes flight time from Dunedin Hospital, ensuring quick access to specialised mission crews.

Otago Rescue Helicopter is housed in a modern purpose built rescue base within HeliOtago's hanger at Taieri Airfield. Helicopters Otago Ltd are the Trust's operations partner.