Together we save lives.

Your contributions are essential

to keep us flying.

Donations are critical to Otago's rescue service. Every year the Otago Rescue Helicopter Trust needs to raise between $500,000 and $1m per annum, depending on emergency growth, to support the cost of leasing the helicopter, as well as maintaining pilots, paramedics and support crew, who must be permanently ready to respond to emergency calls. The Trust is extremely grateful for the outstanding assistance of our sponsors and supporters.

The Trust's new 2013 contract with the Crown requires the Trust / Community to fund a significant share of the increased costs of growth in emergency missions.

Otago Regional Council

The Otago Regional Council is the major supporter of the Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter, regarding the service as a vital link between the the region's more remote communities and the specialised care of Dunedin Hospital.


The Trust receives generous donations and support from across the region. An amazing combination of Community organisations, groups, service clubs, and private donors generously support the high costs of maintaining our Rescue Helicopter and crew on permanent standby 24/7