Charity House Auction

In partnership with Mitre 10

and Certified Builders

In partnership with Mitre 10, approximately 20 Certified Builders members took part in a very ambitious project to build a 3-bedroom house, donating their time of up to 24 hours a day over 2 weekends.

Harcourts auctioned the house on the 25th of May and the profits from the auction will go towards the fit out of the Rescue Helicopter to properly respond to Neo Natal transfers.

Otago Rescue Helicopters would like to thank the following people for their vision and contribution in making this happen:

Certified Builders Thank you to Andrew McReady and Dallas Shaw who were pivotal in getting the project off the ground and Certified Builders for supplying the labour at no charge.

Mmitre 10 Mega Negotiating material costs was essential, and we thank Chris and Neil at Mitre 10 for keeping these to a minimum to help maximise the proceeds from the project.