Emergency care when every single second counts

– no matter when, no matter where.

Ready 24/7 to attend emergencies across the lower South Island, the Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter provides immediate intensive care and life support to the largest geographic area in New Zealand.

Emergency Retrieval

Delivering advanced paramedic care over 66,500 square kilometers, the Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter is standing by, ready to respond to serious accidents and medical emergencies whenever and wherever they occur.

We also aid critically ill and intensive care patients from outlying areas who urgently require care at Dunedin Hospital, while our specialised BK117 air ambulance is equipped with an intensive-care incubator for transferring premature babies and their mothers to Dunedin's neo-natal unit.

Search and Rescue

Equipped with state-of-the-art search and rescue technology, the Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter is a lifeline to people in need.

Guided by both GPS and cutting-edge radio directional locating equipment, rescue missions and ship-to-shore retrievals can be conducted up to 150km offshore.

Night-vision googles and the 30million candlepower Nite Sun enable 24hr operation, while the BK117's agile performance and 76m Breeze Seastern winch allow rescues in the most challenging locations.